From the Pastor's Desk...

We all have times in our lives that have changed us.  There are certain milestones in my life that come to mind: the day I met my wife Carole, when my two girls Krista and Erika were born, then more recently my ordination and installation at Zion Lutheran Church.  Then there are also those time in life that we simply look back on with fond memories.  They may not have been game changers, but they are times we will never forget. 

If we think bigger picture, we can see many events in World History that have changed the course of the world as well.  Unfortunately, all too often the events that come to mind are times of destruction and conflict, but there is one major world event that is both a real game changer and one that we look fondly on, one we will never forget.  This was the greatest and most important world event of history; it was the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. What Jesus accomplished with His time on this earth opened up endless possibilities for living life through Him now and for eternal life in the world to come. Maybe you are someone who is not aware that there is a loving, compassionate God who wants a relationship with you right now and who brings meaning, purpose and peace to our lives.  What Jesus demonstrated was God’s loves for you and me. The almighty God cares for us so much that He was willing to allow His Son to die for us so that we might be rescued from our sins and the power of death. God did this for us – He did it for you!

At Zion Lutheran Church, we are committed to sharing and demonstrating the good news of God’s unconditional love for us that is found in Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us as we seek to grow in our relationship with God, and better make his love known to others through our words and actions.


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